Friday, August 13, 2010

Here I dream of a dream.

I haven't had much to write about the last few days, or rather haven't felt inspired to write. I have finished up the study of elemental air in the OBOD course. It was good. It helped me to get some ideas and dreams organized and filed. One of them is an idea and dream I have had for a long time. I would very much like to have a sacred grove/temple here in my community that would be open for use by all pagans. A place in or near town. A place that was safe and conducive to meditation and ritual. A temple all our own. I have it all mapped out in my mind in almost every detail from the trees to the parking lot. I have walked it's grounds in my mind a number of times, and seen rituals done. Sadly I don't have the money personally at this point in my life to buy the land and begin the process. I have considered creating a non-profit organization or joining one, to make this happen, but I can't help consider how, after money is raised for such a purchase, how to continue to pay for the taxes and up keep. I have considered charging for its use by Pagan groups, but then I can't help but think that this would keep them from making use of it. I love the Pagan community here around me, but I don't think its large enough to be able to support such a temple on donations alone either. Perhaps there could be "memberships" sort of like a country club? Only keep the prices reasonable. Its frustrating. I feel the need for it, but not the way to make it viable. Is getting some sort of church status open to the pagans? This would eliminate the taxation issue and greatly improve the viability of this project. It seems when ever I research this idea on the net, all I find are legal battles between pagans and the government on this issue. The one exception being Circle sanctuary. I find it amusing that Pagans are so against being organized, and yet, it is only with organization, a coming together, that we will be able to make such places as I dream of a reality. It is starting to happen, slowly. Circle, ADF, AODA, OBOD. All of these are gaining a following, and in time we may come to see such temples built. OBOD encourages such things, but yet, doesn't give any nitty gritty, get your hands dirty, details and on how to get it done when you can't just buy or lease a piece of land. This is something I'd really like to see some one write a book about. "How to build a temple for the pagan community". Who knows, maybe some day it will be a book I write myself.


  1. If you're looking for this infomation then I'm sure others are too.

    I know nothing helpful (sorry!) but the thing that came to my mind was the issue of others. For such a place to remain sacred and a place for Pagans to come for purposes of ritual, worship, meditation etc they would need to feel safe to do so.
    I would think that membership fees or fees to use the site would be a good way to keep people away (to some small degree) that have no place there. Unfortunately the world is full of people that will willfully wreck places like this - maybe a small charge would go someway to protecting the dignity of the place and the people it is for as well as to upkeep?
    I really hope this is something you manage to do.

  2. I love this dream and I believe in your ability to plant a seed. You're cool like that.

    An organization likes this, needs to start with a "vision" statement or a mission statement. You've got the foundation for one right here