Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Done in a new way

Yesterday while at College, I wanted to do the CoP but without being obvious. I sat myself under a try, put on my headphones and played shamanic drumming to drown out the sounds of construction, and people's conversations, as well as to put me into an alterd state of mind. I did the CoP entirely from the spirit world. It was a nice way to do it. The energies had a different quality to them. I'd call it more vivid.

My b'loved has been the focus of a lot of magick and medicine. I and others have "thrown" a good amount of healing energies at her. I would have to say it has all helped. Today she has another Dr. apt. with the GP, I assume she'll get a refurel to a surgeon. Tonight we some members of the pagan meetup are getting together to do a group healing ritual. It should be interesting. I am not leading this shindig this time, and that's ok with me. I am there to be a battery.

I think that what was stopping me from doing a healing spell earlier for my b'loved was the fear of it not working. I'll have to explore that a bit. I suspect it will take me to deal with issues of "fear of failure". We shall see!

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