Thursday, August 26, 2010

The other Harvest

The Sun no longer gets up so early, nor does he stay out so late. I can sense the change, I feel his old age in the air, land, and sea. Despite that the summer court is still staying on strong here this week. Today was only 106 degrees of Farinhieght, the day before was 110. I spent a good portion of it sitting outside in the shade of a tree I only wish I knew the name of on the campus of the college I am attending. I watch all the kids standing around just out of highschool. I must seem an odd old man with long hair to them, sitting all alone under my tree, book in hand. I find myself examining my life and thinking about what things I have planted and what I am now harvesting because of it. I can't help but smile, my harvest this year is abundant and amazing. Love is my corn this year. By corn I don't mean the yellow stuff grown in the new world, but by the deffanition of my largest crop. There is plaque in my parent's house that says "plant kindness, harvest love". It seems I have done a lot of that this past year. Mostly through the Pagan meetup I started and led. In October I am going to find out if the hard work I planted in my classes is going to come to fruite as I apply at the hospitals for a sponsered seat in the college's nursing program. I think of all the love both my wife and I are harvesting now in our lives as she strugles with her illness. Thank the gods that we see the surgeon on the morrow. I hope we can get her schedualed soon, and start harvesting some healing.
As per the OBOD training, I have also been looking at some of my past experiances, revisiting them as it were. I then do my best the thresh the "grain" from them. Those that no longer serve me, I let them go to where ever the place is that forgotten memories go.
I am still doing my daily meditations, I have harvested a lot from those over the year. Balance, peace, strength of mind, and magickal power. I am preparing to start the two dragon ritual at Alban Elfed.
I and my friends are making preperations for Pagan Pride Day here where I live. I was thinking of doing some story telling, but with the busyness of school and taking care of my family, I felt it would be stretching myself to thin.
And so the days of summer role by. Belinus reminds us yet again that he is still strong, that his time has not yet ended. I know the winter court is just waiting though, biding its time. The wheel turns ever on, as it has since the beggining.


  1. To be honest, you sound exactly like the kind of person I always wish I'd have run into in college.

    Your wife will be in my prayers.