Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The stuff of dreams

I have had two interesting dreams this week already. The first one was about my Dad. He was telling me all about how he was divorcing Mom. He looked happier then I can remember seeing him in a long time. He told me how he had outsmarted her by gifting all his guns to the grandkids so she couldn't use them against him financially in the divorce. He also pointed out a large crater like depression in the ground with standing stones circling it's upper rim. He called it a "princess footprint" which in my dream made complete sense to me, but trust me when I tell you that it means nothing to me now in my waking state. There was supposed to be some sort of great gift or treasure berried in the center of it, and there was a man with a child digging with his bare hands in the center of the depression. Digging quite frantically I might add.

The other dream I had last night. I dreamed that I went to the store with my mother. I needed to get some dog food, and she needed to get a shot that would make it easier for her to get in touch with , and talk about, her feelings. I tried to pay for the dog food with $400.00, and they couldn't figure out the change. I got frutsrated, took my money, and left. When I left the store it was nice and warm, but when my mother and I got to the car it was cold and snowy. (indicating something that will happen this winter?) Off the hood, near the windshild, were two copper rods coming up on my mom's car. Attached to these rods were jumper cables. I was confused, and followed the cable to the feet of a very large man, maybe 7-8 feet tall, long reddish brown beard, wearing a winter ski cap, and ski jacket coming our way. He introduced himself as Goibniu. I said "the Irish god of Brewing?" He laughed and nodded. Then I wondered why the god of brewing was getting a jump start off my mom's car...no wait, don't answer that, I don't want to know.


  1. Dad is the yang, mom is the yin, and dad is getting away from the things that drag him down, or mom. You might see it as Mars as Dad and Venus as Mom too, something in the sky.

    The princess footprint is the black hole sun, the 13th point in the zodiac, invisible. We're in the Daughter age of YHVH, the H, the last door, the age of Action, coming up with the age of Aquarius. Not sure what the stones are but the man and the child digging frantically, perhaps father time and his niece the future? They are trying to get the princess out from underground, because she has an answer to a very old quest; frantically because time is running out.