Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back for another go

Tomorrow is a big day. Not only do I have my Microbilogy midterm, my beloved has to return to the hospital to once again allow the Dr.s another shot at removing gallstones from her common bile duct. this time they intend to go through the billiary drain they installed over a month ago. She will have to stay over night. We are both a little nervous, and I am so not looking forward to having to stay another night in the hospital. On Tuesday morning I have a 3 minuet speech in my death and dying class. I am nervous. Not about the classes. School is something I seem to have a nack for. I am nervous about how the operation is going to go. The last time they tried to take the stones out (via a different methed) She ended up with internal bleeding and passing out in my arms in the midddle of the night and prompting another emergency room visit and a several nights stay. I pray to the holy kindreds that they keep her and watch over her. That they guide the surgeons so that they get all the stones and do not do any more damage. Our enderance has been pushed and we just want this whole process to be over with. It's interfered with every aspect of our lives.

In the pagan meetup we discussed the ideas of "perfect love and perfect trust". It was a really good talk. One that I think I needed to hear more then any of the others in the group. When I started this group, I was very open and loving to all the people who came. In time as I came to realize some of those people were..well frankly, a pain in my ass and didn't contribute much to the group, that it became hard to have that sense of perfect love and perfect trust. The talk was a good reminder that I need to work on it.


  1. My Love and My Prayers are always with you and your lovely wife.

    WHY? Because you opened your heart to me with Love and Trust. Was it perfect? I dont think so but it was enough to inspire.

    My other comments to your post are questions that I have posed to myself and I will to you also:

    If you exhibit perfect Love and Trust to your children, are you being a good parent?

    If you exhibit perfect Love and Trust to your brothers and sisters, are you being a good friend?

    Is it possible to feel perfect Love and Trust to the gods and goddesses?

    I dont have an answer to the question of perfect love and trust, because I am not perfect... But I can at least TRY

  2. I do hope all went well. My prayers are with you both.