Thursday, December 23, 2010

Incorporating what I learned in "...the Druids"

I have been sitting here wondering how I am going to incorporate what I learned in "A brief history of the Druids" into my spiritual practice. Looking at it right now, I see the things in this book as forming the unseen "roots" and "enriched soil" of my tree of practice. It's the parts of a tree that are so important, but usually completely overlooked by those who gaze at the beauty of such things. We see the trunk, branches and leaves. Maybe we notice the bark, and some sharp eyed folk see a birds nest or the like. Few go digging at the roots and earth. Yet these are vital aspects to the beauty of the tree for without it they would not exist. What I am trying to say is that this knowledge will form the ground work from which my spirituality can find solidity and history. It helps me to feel courage as I pick up this torch and carry it into the future. I have a better sense of who my spiritual ancestors are and who it is I am offering to. Last but not least, there is a folk song I love to listen to. In it there is a repeated line that says "son, you don't know where ya are going if ya don't know where ya been" This rings true with neodruidry and neopaganism.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I've met many Pagans from various traditions who don't got digging and it's really discouraging to me. I understand wanting to focus on the now rather than the past, but without that good foundation - without the roots- the rest of the home or tree will be flimsy. Then again, we are Druids. Most of us love history. :)