Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where I am at, and where I am going

Phew! It has been a busy week. Started off with a final in my Microbiology class. Another easy A. The classes I had this term were not very challenging. Not like the last couple terms. I usually have at least one class that has me doing spells to help me get the grades I demand of myself. Not this time. With the illness that my wife has gone through that's probably for the best. I thank the holy Kindred that they guided me into the classes they did.

The last few days I have been working at the local new age/occult store. It's been fun, if a bit slow. My friends like to come and hang out and chat with me and I enjoy that. I recently signed on with ADF and I received the book that is a guide to their ritual format and the "dedicant's path" study program. Maybe I am crazy as fox in catnip, but I get all tingly inside thinking of all the fun I am going to have studying and writing and learning...or maybe I am just a druid at heart. I am excited about this new system of magic for two reasons. First off, after reading through the material I believe this work will bring me closer to the divine, that is, the gods. I also believe that this work will up the power of my magic significantly. Already things that were hazy in my mind are clearing and crystallizing. I am finding understandings that I was unsure of before. Today I ordered the books I'll need to finish the Dedicant's path.

So where is this taking me? I believe to better health, wealth, and wisdom. To wisdom, love and power. At first I was wondering if all the work I have done in JMG's druid magic handbook was going to jive with this new system and in most ways, I think it will. Yes there are some differences, but nothing so much as to be a huge inconvenience.

The pagan group I am leading is coming along nicely. Recently we have had a influx of people new to the pagan path and as such those of us in the leadership decided that it would be a good idea to teach the basics of doing solo rituals. For now we are teaching a very "wiccan" style ritual. It feels a little "skitso" to me at time to do that as I am learning a very different system, but I know that most the people in the group are wiccan based and that is the material most new pagans have access to.

Last but not least I got the chance to mentor one of the pagan group members tonight. I am really proud of how far she has come over the months. She has a lot of "stuff" on her spiritual path to deal with, and so far she has done a beautiful job of it. It's not easy stuff, but today she showed a lot of intelligence and insight in seeing what was going on, with a little help from me pointing a few things out.

The holy kindred are good.
Magic is good,
and I too am good.

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  1. Oh, do I ever know how the wickedly-hard-magick-requiring classes go. I'll be glad to be rid of them (I'm looking at you, biochem).