Sunday, December 5, 2010

For the love of story.

Last night I had a birthday party. That's right, is old and wise druid turned am amazing 36 years old! wow right?! no? oh well....ok so I am not ancient and all wise, but I am working on getting there. My age, though is not the point of this post. I love story. More then movies, more then reading a book, a well told story is truly a form of magic. It's unlike anything I have ever felt or experianced and I love the feelings. I can't find words for it, how it makes me feel, the sense of being wrapped up in the magic of a story. I just know I like it. So for my party, I asked the guests to have a story to tell and share. It could be a well known fairy tale, or something they made up. It could even be a true story, but I also reminded them to never let the truth get in the way of a good story. I was a bit nervous if people would do it. Would they really take the time from their busy lives to memorize a story to share with me and the others? would they get shy? I am glad to say, I was NOT dissapointed. Though not everyone brought or shared a story, most did, and the stories were fantastic! Stories of Tigers, and foolish travelers, of modern day wizards down on their financias and the comical demon summoning that came of it, of a funny uncle who pretended to be native american as he guided people down a rafting trip, and perhaps the most powerful of all was the story told by my b'loved wife. She told her story not just with words, but also in sighn language. It was poetic with out being a poem. It was about me and her, but no one else would have picked up on that. It brought a tear to my eye. (hold on, I have to go put a bucket under the leak in my roof...back!) It was the best birthday I have had in a very very very long time. I did not get many material gifts, and that was just fine, for the gifts I got were far more precious. A story told is a gift of the inner self. A gift of wisdom, humor, drama, and much more. It is a gift of the soul and of the spirit. I will never forget this birthday, nor the gifts given, or who gave them.

The story of my magical and spiritual path goes on as well. I am still working on learning the ritual format laid out in Ian Corrigan's book Draiocht. The more I read it and memorize parts the clearer it becomes. I feel at times the meanings are some how hidden but then slide into me brain like as snake through tall grass, suddenly I just "get it." Ian's book made me take another look at ADF and after watching the video's of the Ceremony for Bonawits, I decided to join ADF and learn their system as well. Also, on friday I finished the last Gwersu of the Bardic grade from OBOD. It felt good, and I learned a lot, yet I have chosen not to go on with their Ovate grade program for a couple of reasons. First and formost, I simply can't afford it. Second I fell that most of what they have to teach, I can learn else where and less expensivly. Lastly, it has come to my attention that OBOD is not a church or nonprofit organization. It is run by 4 people who's positions are appointed not voted, and there is no transparency as to where the money goes. Now don't get me wrong here, I am not saying they are fakes, and the quality of the materials thus far have been top notch. Perhaps some day, when I have the money to spare, I'll invest in their Ovate program.


  1. Dude, you would have to be a dead man not to know her story was about you two! We all knew. Grin

  2. I can't get over what an awesome idea for a party this is! Happy birthday to you, and may the year to come be filled with blessings.