Thursday, December 30, 2010

Roosted ain't roasted

Times have been tough for me financially of late. It's been a struggle ever since I moved to the desert and my attempt to start my massage practice over flopped. I have been going back to school and working when and were I can. Recently it's gotten even tougher. Medical bills, and the grant I was doing my teaching aid under ran out. I have been turning in Resume's and applications like crazy, but no bites. Not even an interview scheduled...until today. Yesterday I had a deep meditation and a spirit-journey. I met with various guides and gods. At the end of the journey, I suddenly felt inspired by the story of Lon Milo where he sends his first Goetic demon summoned to help him find work. He gave the Demon an hour to get the ball rolling, and it did and Lon got a job by the next day. I don't work with Goetic spirits, but I do have my totem. I usually am not the commanding type, but this time I commanded Stag, my totem, to find me a job that I would like and is compatible with my schedule. He had one day. By 6:30pm that night I had a call for a job interview to one of the many jobs I have applied for. The interview is today at 8:15pm. I am very excited and it fits the criteria I gave Stag. I am really excited about this for several reasons. If nothing else it is confirmation of my "magic". I still have to interview for the job, it's not s sure deal. As they say in turkey hunting "Roosted ain't roasted".
Magick will be employed. ;)

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  1. May your stag lead the way to a prosperous new adventure! Blessings to you!