Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Working the new gig

Last night I got the call from several friends and fellow pagans for prayers and the like to help them with things going on in their lives. I decided I'd try my hand at the new method I am learning in Ian's book. I have been working on memorizing the opening and closing. Well, best I can say is that I stumbled through it. I had forgotten what it was like to be a beginner. None the less, I kept to the over all pattern and I feel that it went well, if not as smoothly as I would have liked. I asked for aid for a woman who was to have a job interview today. Another wanted blessings for a deceased friend, aid for another who's father just passed the other day, and another for a friend who, due to economy and politics was demoted at work and got a pay cut.
I threw my own needs in there some where. In the ritual, I asked for an oman via Ogham for each person on the nature of the blessing. On one of them I pulled "straif". I wasn't sure how to interpret this as a blessing. It was for a friend who asked for the work to be done, but did not tell me the nature of why. I am still new to Ogham and if any one else wants to give their 2 cents I am all ears. The only book I have on Ogham is from "The druidry handbook" by JMG. in it he says that Straif translates as "sulfur" and is an Ogham of necessity and inevitable change.
The tree association is the Blackthorn.


  1. Yeah, I get it to mean the same thing. Which book of Ians are you using,it sounds good.

  2. Angelica, I am using Draoicht. Ian recomends reading sacred fire, holy well first. which of course I haven't done, but will. I just roll that way. ;)

  3. When you say Ian, do you mean ADF's Ian Corrigan? How is the book?

  4. Yes that's the Ian I mean. I am finding the book is really opening up my litergy skills and how I do rituals. The way he describes things makes sense to me. Though the book is not the best place to start if one is not familier with his other work or ADF ritual style.