Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Water and Fire: a new meditation

As I talked about a few posts ago, I got a new book on Druid Sorcery by Ian. I have read the book cover to cover once and then started over, it's a lot to digest. Until today, I hadn't tried any of the exercises in it. This type of magick is not the kind a person can skim over and just jump up and do. no, that would get one in trouble and in a hurry. This is much to learn, to understand, and simply many rituals to memorize that will prepare me to work with spirits. His system does share some common themes with Greers magickal system. Namely Ians ideas of the two energies represented by water for earth energy, and solar or sky energy represented by fire. In Greer's Druid magic book these energies are called the "Telluric" current and the Solar current respectively. Many of the exercises in Ian's book are designed to get one in touch with these energies and learn to control their flow in one's body. Though the specific techniques differ this same theme occurs in Greer's system. One thing Ian wrote that really expanded my understanding of these two energies is the idea that the earth or water energy is filled with the chaos of potential, and the solar or fire energy is order. Though he Ian doesn't come out and say it, it seems to me that it's the coming together of these two energies that causes physical manifestation. Perhaps the two energies came together and created the manifestations of Land, Sea, and Sky and it is the coming together of these three elements in different proportions that creates the myriad things in this world, for are not all things seemingly made up of the three?

Last night I pulled out a meditation that spoke to my spirit from Ian's book. In short, during this meditation one takes a drop of water and places it on their forehead and closing the eyes focuses on the sensation of the water. This is followed up with the staring at a candle or some other flame and filling the mind with only these two things, water and fire. I started my daily work as I always do, giving an offering of incense to the Holy Kindreds, followed by the energy work I have learned from Greer's system. After the two dragons exercise and sphere of light, I sat down in front of my alter, lit the candle and placed the drop of water on my forehead. It was not hard keeping these two elements solely in my mind at the beginning, but after about 10 min my mind wandered slightly here and there, and I wrestled with it like a fish on a line. Some times running to the left, some times to the right, but always having some tie to fire and water.

I really enjoyed this exercise. I plan to make it one that I revisit regularly.


  1. Hi, and thanks for the kind words. I want to mention that Draiocht is really just kind of a follow-up to my book "Sacred Fire, Holy Well", which lays out the system in much greater detail. There's a link to it on my blog, first in the links list.
    Feel free to ask me anything...

  2. Thanks for reading Ian. My birthday is coming up and I am going to ask for giftcertificates to for my birthday and I'll be sure to get "Sacred fire, Holey well" then. I have studied ADF style rituals as well as Obod, AODA, wicca, and I have a good friend in Robert who has explained much to me about Goetic summonings, though I have not tried that. I got Draiocht because of its portion on Spirit Art, which I feel is the last magical technique I need to learn. This was confirmed to me when I read the section on the four types of magic in Draiocht.

    Right now my two biggest concerns are learning the second sight, and getting my hands on some rowen and ash wood. I live in the desert.

  3. Yep, been reading a while - I think I found you from links on Charmed I'm Sure? Interesting to see your blend of eclectic Druidry.
    Blessings of the season to you... I'm off to do our Samhain rite this afternoon.