Saturday, November 13, 2010

In the wake of the storm

The storm in my heart passed as storms always do. No damage was done to those around me, or to myself other then some wasted time being out of balance. It's not often that I have days like that any more. Most days go as I need and want. Most days are filled with love both from within and without. I spent some time in my yard this week quietly touching things up. A little weeding, some raking up of leaves. Some times these are the best meditations. The more you work with the green and growing things, the more your spirit soars.

To all my druid readers pagan or otherwise, I HIGHLY recomend that you watch the animated film "Secret of Kells". It's kid friendly, but is so much more. It's a work of art. I found it beautiful and deeply moving.

As I stated last post, I have recieved the initiation ritual for the next AODA grade. I am currently in the proccess of gathering the needed materials.
I also need to complete the Tree of Light ritual. These things may have to wait till December when I am on winter break from college, but we'll see if I can get them done a bit sooner.

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  1. Oh, how this makes me miss having a real garden. I'm carefully counting off the months I have left in my gray concrete apartment!