Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wedding without, wedding within

Yesterday I got the honor of hosting a friends wedding at my home. We had planned it to be an out door wedding, but wouldn't you know it, for once it rained in the desert and we had to bring it in doors. Lucky for us, we have the perfect house for such an event. Many hands make for light work, and in no time at all we had a beautiful (and secretly pagan) wedding ceremony and a very subtle alter to boot. I made some new friends and got to know some others better. The couple are very much in love and it brought joy to my heart to be able to be a part of it. During the ceremony my wife and I held hands and looked often into each other's eyes. It was like being married again. It was a good good feeling. I am an amazingly lucky man. There was only one snafu to the beautiful and joyous event. The bride's mother. She was not happy about it. I don't know the details, only other peoples' speculations. Regardless of the reasons the woman's lack of joy, her fluctuating from fits of breaking down in tears to the point of having to go off alone, to cold glares at her daughter, was sad. The bride, I must say, handled it exceptionally well. I know she'll make one oak of a witch some day.

The mother's breakdowns did provide me with a chance to test some new magicks however. As it happens she took her emotional vomitus into our "Magick" room. Nice huh? Ah well, a cleansing I did go today. I memorized the cleansing ritual of Ian's and performed it in the magick room. I liked it. I liked the flow of energy. I liked the charm of speaking. I liked how it felt when I was done. I think I will try to make a habit of doing it a bit more often.

School is keeping me busy and finals are quickly approaching. So is Thanksgiving. I plan to take a trip to the ocean on Saturday for meditation and to collect sea water, a needed ingredient for future cauldrons and the spirit arts.

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