Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just angry

I don't know what it was about today. Maybe it was the short and pointed email from my ex. Maybe it was peoples unwillingness to be flexible in regards to thanks giving. Maybe it was that I one again(despite my usualy good discipline) managed to forget to make my credit card payment on time, or that my stepdaughter got some very poor grades, or most likely it was all of these things, what ever it was I have been angry in my heart all day. Mostly I feel I am directing it at myself. I have done a pretty good job of not taking it out on those around me and thus preserving those good relationships. I have fluctuated between wanting to be alone, run away to some other place, or just yelling indescriminatly. In the end I did none of these things. I went to class, work, grocery shopped and cleaned up after dinner. I tried to loose myself on the internet, but that only bored me.

On a good note, I did recieve the initiation to the Druid apprentice level from AODA today. I have looked it over once. I will carry out the ritual soon.
I hope I feel better tomorrow.

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