Friday, November 26, 2010

A journey to the sea, a spirit walk beneath.

Today I and my b'loved went back to the ocean side town where we got married back in June. Gods it seems so long ago already with all we have been through with her illness. Now that she is finally back to health, it was time to visit again. How I love this place. The people in the town are so friendly and I feel so relaxed. We first had lunch at the garden restaurant where we were married. The food was excellent as always. We then drove to the beach proper. There my wife and I both collect some sea water to make use as spell components in the future. Hers will rest on her alter. Mine will be mixed with rain water and water from the local river to be used in druidic spirit art rituals and other rituals as well. After play with the waves, trying to collect water without getting wet in the very cold fall ocean, we walked a bit. Wanting to meditate a while I sat upon a large storm tossed piece of drift wood, aged and bleached to a flaky white by the sun. After finding the comfortable spot, I closed my eyes and just listened to the sound of the waves and the wind. I felt what was left of my tensions slip away. I then let down my energetic walls and felt the power of the land, sea, and sky all around me. The power was immense. Then then it hit me a phrase I had learned from Ian's book in the opening of the grove ritual. "In every place where triads meet, let this be the center of the worlds. Let this sacred center be the boundary of all worlds, that my voice be carried, and my vision see." In that moment I understood what it meant. Not just in my head, no not in my head at all but in my gut. I was there at the meeting of the worlds of land, sea, and sky. I could feel their boundaries pressed against me and each other. With my heart and mind I called out to Manannan MacLir. Once....twice...thrice I called his name over the ocean. After the third call I heard his voice deep and ancient and distant answer me. I felt my spirit stand and walk to the waves. I thought of how our emotions are so much like the ocean with its waves, tides, storms and times of calm. How we as humans must learn to work with these emotions as sailors must learn to work with the "moods" of the ocean. Though there are things that can be done to protect the land and ships from the ocean, it can never be controlled. I can see how emotions too can not really be "controlled" like many think they can be. I would argue that in fact, they shouldn't be. emotions are natural, however, they do need to be channeled and directed in positive directions lest the raging storms sink ships, destroy ports and docks, or flood homes. I heard Manannan call me to the water, telling me to enter. I did. As my spirit self I sank below the waves and swam away from the shore. First fighting the waves, then just letting them pull me out to deeper water past the breakers. Once there I was silently greeted by Salmon. I grabbed on to his back, and he pulled me deep and over a ledge. There we came upon an underwater village of mer-folk. They paid me no mind though I got a few stares. Salmon pulled me to the doorway of one of the buildings. Suddenly a black haired mermaid swam up to me, kissed me as in some sort of benediction upon my forehead and then quickly darted off into the blue distance. My wife's totem is the mermaid and I felt that this was in fact her totem giving me its approval and blessing. Salmon then led me through the doorway into the building. I was in a maze, and I was suddenly alone. Turning around there was no longer a door behind me, but just a solid wall of worked stone. I heard Manannans voice and he said "Many people become lost in the sea of their emotions, lost like in a maze, unable to escape. Forever wandering, searching. Can you find your way out?" Understanding that it was my task to solve this maze I began walking. As I did so I had a few realizations in short order. First I realized that this maze was going to shift and flow with the currents. Second that walking the maze looking to solve it was futile and would never lead me to the way out. I stopped walking and stood and I realized they way out of the maze of emotions was to be "still". Not physically (though this usually helps a great deal with the rest) but mentally, spiritually and yes, emotionally. I sat, closed my eyes and "stilled" my inner self. I felt a shift in the waters around me, and opened my eyes and there in front of me I realized that there was a large square window that allowed sunlight into the maze. I simply had to swim out. I was greeted by the mer-folk who seemed cheered by my finding a way out so quickly. Salmon came to me, and I grabbed on to his back as is my custom, and he pulled me back to shore. I bid him goodbye and walked back to my body. I felt myself easily slide back in, and open my eyes to the physical world. I looked around, saw my b'loved and went to her. We finished the day by taking some pictures, getting her some small pentacle earrings from a local merchant and drove the two hours back home.


  1. When you spoke of your triad, it made me wonder if the triad could also be you mind, heart and spirit.

    Beautifully written!

  2. I love the idea of the combined waters. I imagine it would give the work a unique... connection, for lack of a better term.