Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Energy in, energy out

It has been some time since anyone has come to me for energy healing/work. So it was that I was glad that the little magi was willing to allow me to aid her with a problem she has been having. She reports that when doing her work as a Ceremonial Magician, she gets a lot of pain in the top of her feet. Upon further questioning I was able to pinpoint that when ever she does any kind of spiritual energy work she has the pain. When the work is done, the pain subsides. At first I was hoping that this apperent energy blockage, for thats how I see it, would clear itself. She's new to energy work and magick and often people new to this will have some discomfort that often clears up. It became apprent that this wasn't going to be one of those times. So...it was time to get to work. I did some massage, and some moving of energy out of her legs and the different energetic bodies of the Magi. Once I felt I Had cleared the blockage, I used two magick stones one of my mentors gave me to balance the flows. Then to test the work, I pushed energy through her feet and legs. First from the legs down, then from the feet up. She reported that that went well, so I went to her head and gently ran energy, first the energy of the deep, water, from head to feet. Then I ran Fire. this also was reported as feeling good. The little magi went home and did her energy work, and reported back that the pain was greatly reduced, but still a small amount of discomfort. This is not unusual, and I hope she'll schedual a follow up soon.

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