Friday, November 26, 2010

The Red cord

So it was that yesterday I made the time to do the initiation ritual of AODA of a druid apprentice. The air was cool with only a slight breeze. the sky was clear of clouds and very blue. As I was preparing the grove a leaf blower was noisily blowing away at the neighbor's, but the man finished just as I was stepping out to do the ritual. It was not a difficult ritual, though it did get me thinking about all I have learned and done over the past year. I suddenly realized how much I have read, how much I have studied, not only in druidry, but in college as well. I gained a perspective I had not before. I found myself on a tall hill overlooking the forest. Seeing the forest as a whole and not just the trees. It is very difficult for me to get as much out of these initiatory rituals when done alone as compared to when done surrounded by others of the order. Yet if I were to wait till I got such an opportunity, I fear I'd be waiting a very very long time in deed. Despite this, I did feel a great sense of accomplishment, and I felt honored to be entrusted with this degree. I am very much looking forward to continuing my studies. It felt good to wrap that red cord around my waist.

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