Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just an update

Just a little update. I have been fairly busy this week with mundane things. We are hosting a wedding here at my home for a friend this Saturday and when I am not studying for class I am getting things ready around the home. I have started gathering the needed items for my AODA initiation. Still need to get to the fabric store to get a new cord belt. I have been memorizing the opening ritual as written in Ian's book. I just about have the opening completely memorized. Then it will be on to the closing. From there it is a matter of memorizing several prayers and bringing the needed suplies together for the work. It's still going to be some ways away. I Have not performed the tree of light ritual yet, but it's also in the works.


  1. Memory Work! Yes! Yes! Yes! It's a pet pev of mine, I so rarely see rituals performed from memory, which is a large part of the work. It shows a sincere commitment to your path which seems to be rare noways.

  2. Ooh, I don't envy the bustle of preparing for a wedding. Good luck, and here's to everything going smoothly!

  3. @Joe: Yeah it's a pet pev of mine too when people "read" the ritual out loud. It needs to be memorized or done impromtu. (whichi s how my wife likes to do things). Its the memorization that is the reason why learning to do this spirit art is going to take time.

    @Pallas: Fortunately it's a fairly low key wedding. I am honored they decided to do it here, and I enjoy people very much. The interesting thing is that it's going to be "secretly pagan" or so I am told. The officiant is the priestess who did the wedding for my wife and I.