Wednesday, March 30, 2011

150th post and a new look!

THIS IS MY 150TH POST! I can hardly believe it. I started this Blog on the recommendation of my good friend Frater Robert. I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy it and how nice it is to share my inner experiences with a larger community. Along with reaching 150 posts I have spruced up my page and given it a new look. One that I really like and find pleasing to the eye. I hope you all enjoy it as well. For those who read my blog, feel free comment on Posts. I always welcome input.

I also want to share some recent manifestations of magic in my life. First off I want to mention that I am doing much better financially then I have in a long long time. I can't remember if I blogged about it or not, if I did it would have been a long time ago, but I cast a spell to protect my finances. That spell has held true for a long time. Recently I won a financial battle against my ex-wife, when she tried to claim both children as tax deductions for last year and screw me out of $3,000. The spell has worked in other ways as well, keeping us from being the victims of identity theft and fraud.

I have started working as a CNA at a long term care facility. This has been a combination of hard work on my part and the blessings of the gods since I started practicing ADF and the aid of my Spirit ally. I should be getting my first paycheck from this new job on Friday. HUZZAH!

I have some upcoming magickal works for readers to look forward to reading about. I had a amulet that was permanently tied around my neck for a couple years. Because of the requirements of the new job, I had to break it to take it off when working. I have rebuilt it with a clasp so that I can remove it when I go to work. However, I feel the magick was broken and have decided that I must re-enchant it. I thought I would post the spell here. Also, I have been asked to summon a spirit guide for a friend. My guides have shared with me how this is to be done. I will nick name my friend the fire-witch. When the fire-witch and I can both find a time, we'll do that working.

I haven't talked about it much on here, but I also make beautiful magic staffs for friends and for sale at the local occult shop. I am currently building one as a late birthday present for a local coven leader, daisy-moon. I think I'll start posting pictures of the staffs I make on here.

As you can see there is a lot to read about and look forward to. I will of course continue my postings about my own spiritual journey and discoveries. I will finish this post by saying thanks to Robert who got me started and continues to support me. To my be'loved mermaid who makes me the luckiest man alive, who helps with my spelling, and tries to keep me from saying things I shouldn't, and last but not least to all my readers. Thank you all, here's to more good times in the coming years!


  1. Congrats on 150 posts. That's quite an accomplishment. :) The new look is great!

  2. Love the new look, and your outlook!
    Wishing you continued success always,

  3. totally love the new look brother! and congrats!