Monday, March 28, 2011

A little Ostara: the planting of a seed

As I was not going to be able to attend the Kern County Pagan Circle's Ostara celebration this year because I was going to be out of town, I decided to hold a small Spring Equinox ritual with a couple other druids I knew. I had wanted to do the ritual outside as usual, however this time the weather did not cooperate and I was forced indoors by the heavy winds and light rain. Luckily I have a very large living room and only a few people coming over so I knew it would be just fine. I pulled out the folding card table, and threw a white alter cloth over it. Upon the alter I placed my bell, the symbolic world tree, a well, and a fire of candles. I added a charcoal disk for offerings of incense, and a bowl for other types of offerings. I spent a few days pondering over what type of ritual to perform. I looked over the ADF site liturgists year books, but didn't find any that spoke to me for the Spring Equinox. I decided to go with the basic blessing rite. I also felt that this was a good choice as I was having over two other people who were very new to ADF. The ritual went very well. I kept it simple as there was only three of us, and I chose not to wear my usual robes for this one. I made this decision because the other two didn't have any robes and my intuition said that if I were to robe up it would make them uncomfortable in such a small and intimate ritual.

I followed the ADF COoR. Offerings were given. Omen's taken. I used Ogham for the Omens. Two of them I knew, one I had to look up (hate having to do that during a ritual). The omens were all good. I then took up the chalice and asked for the blessings of the kindred. We took turns drinking it in.

After the ritual we spent a couple hours discussing the possibility of starting our own grove. I gave the other two some ideas to think over. My fellows departed with smiles and promise we would get together again soon to discuss further the idea of starting a grove. The only thing I can think of that did not go well for the ritual was my not being familiar enough with the Ogham and having to look up it's meaning. This really throws off the timing and flow of the ritual. I will continue my studies of the Ogham. Every thing else went right. I didn't have to read any parts of the ritual and the words flowed from me with strength and confidence.

In the end I feel that the best thing to come from the ritual was the plans to form a grove and what seems like an auspicious beginning. I am excited about the prospect of having a group of dedicated druids with which to do druid rituals. I don't mind writing and doing rituals for an eclectic group and we have a lot of fun, but some times doing things just with others who are on the same path has this special energy you can't get otherwise.

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