Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meditation journal week 7

What is there to say. I love the two powers meditations. When I think on it, I really have been doing this meditation in one form or another for years and years. Before ADF I was doing pretty much the same thing in JMG's book druid magick. So it's not wonder that it comes easily to me. I am still try to do it every day. Most days I get to it. Some I don't. I can really feel a difference though. It feels me with power, and well just plain old life. I have recently discovered a new magical use for the powers as well. I am now working as a CNA at a long term care facility. I enjoy the work, though it's hard and some times unpleasant. Many of the employees there are less then joyous. The place it's self is a bit depressed. Not bad, but a little. Makes sense knowing that people die here fairly often, and those that are here are sick or sickly. I have found that comparatively that when I am in this place and the two powers flow through me I practically glow. Every one notices and more then a few comment on it. I believe this has a positive effect on the residents and other staff. I get the sense I am a lantern in a dark room. Already they are asking for me by name to help them with things, even when I am not on that wing of the building! Just the other day a CNA came running from A wing to seek me out to talk a resident with Dementia down off a chair he was standing on! It was a rocking chair no less. I also used the two powers in some magic that I did for a healing ritual for the reactors in Japan, but more on that in my next post.

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