Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meditation journal 8: Visions of the Earth Mother

As I have come to know the Two powers meditation so well, I decided it was time to try some thing new. I took a visionary exercises from Ian Corrigan's book Draiocht, and did the Earth Mother vision. I spent some time becoming familiar with the working. It involved visionary work and the giving of an offering. I chose to try this working by doing a formal ritual and opening the gate to facilitate the work. I did so, and the vision came to me quickly and very vividly. I saw the earth mother. Large like a hill, but from a distance through the open gate. I explored the image in my mind for some time, then gave the offerings. I finished the visionary exercises as described. The only way I can describe the sensation I had from it as "The world is in me and I am in the world, the spirit in me is the spirit in the world."

I found myself pulled into a spirit-walk when I was done with the visionary work. The transition felt jerky and caught me off guard as it was sudden. Like being sucked into the gate and dropped through the sky. I came to a grove of ancient trees that I know well. There I often find a teacher, and sure enough there he was. He asked me why I had come. I really wasn't sure why I had come, but then decided to ask him how to handle a situation that had come up at work. I was advised to let my anger and frustration go, and to talk to the person calmly, but to let them know how I felt about what they did. I did as he instructed, but sadly I don't think the person really understood what I was trying to explain to them. Some people just refuse to see the truth to their choices.

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