Sunday, December 6, 2009

Opening the gates...

So I have decided I want to open the gates. I sat in meditation today and I opened my heart. I say this because that's what it feels like muscles around my heart relaxing. Like great double doors swinging out. I felt radiant, I felt energy flowing through me like I have never felt before it felt amazing. Absolutely amazing! I felt peace, joy, happiness. I finished and got on with my day. Now at the end of the day, and it was a good day, I feel as if the doors, the gates, have shut if not all the way mostly. I don't feel bad, but I don't feel as open as I did at the start. Could be that I am tired, but mostly I think that it's more about habit. I am used to having the gates shut, so when I am not mindful they "close" up out of habit. Perhaps we are not supposed to have the gates wide open all the time. Perhaps it just takes practice. I am going to keep working with this, testing it out and seeing what happens. I feel changes taking place within me that I just can't put words too. Not yet any way. I still haven't talked to my ex about her latest game. Nor do I intend to. Really there is nothing to talk about. Yesterday my love made the comment "I bet she's wondering why you haven't called her yelling and screaming, I bet she's wondering why it's taking the letter so long to get to you." Yeah, I bet she is wondering. I hope that from now on, all she gets from me is a feeling of wonder.
In other things, I have been honored by a local coven and asked to tell a story at their Winter Solstice celebration. I have also been honored with the request to guide a friend on a spirit-walk.

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  1. Not reacting out of anger can diffuse an entire situation. It can't change what they other person does directly, or how they behave, but it overall has a soothing effect usually.

    It is reflexive to close your heart as the day goes on.. because we're all so used to doing it. That joy and open-ness is what is most you in you, and it takes a stimulus to throw a veil over that light.

    Though you won't usually get a direct reward, things tend to get done quicker, life moves smoother.. even when times are tough. By allowing that goodness to shine, you're bettering yourself, and all thoes around you, and I'd say the whole world, even if it's just a little bit.

    By being open and present you encourage others to do so. It's a noticable quality present in great leaders, and great people in general. By seeing your innate Goodness, it helps people see it in themselves, makes their problems smaller, and makes everyone's life a little better.

    If you choose, opening your heart in the morning, and the evening.. and maybe at noonish if you choose is a good place to start to keep the energy flowing. I'm guilty of false starts myself, and even though it is a truely awesome thing, it can be hard to make time for something that good for you, but I think it is worth the time spent.

    And congratulations man :)