Monday, December 21, 2009

Things work out better then you could plan it.

The title of this entry is a phrase that I learned from one of the OBOD Gwersu. It made itself very apperent last night at the Alban Arthran rite I wrote, and led. For all my planning and thinking, working to have it memorized, and generally making sure it would run smoothly, never could I have planned the beautiful wedding proposal that came during the Symbul. Nor could I have guessed the announcment of the new life growing inside one of the participants! Most of all I never would have guessed or planned to be asked to be the god father of the coming child AND to be the officiant of the wedding! I am honored by such requests in ways I don't think I could ever put into words. After the ceremony we retired indoors for a feast, and what a feast it was! The food was all made with love and wow!, did it ever taste good! Stuffed mushrooms, cream of brocolli soup, penne pasta with home made sauce and sausage, fresh baked breads, beef stew, cookies and pear bread! I must have put on three more pounds!

There are a few things I would do different in the ritual aspect though. Next time I will go back to do a more guided meditation. I'll try harder not to get the words air and earth mixed up when calling quarters and the like. Lastly, no matter how friendly and sweet dogs are, I'll make sure they are kenneled or tied up away from the ceremony. Having a dog lick your face when your deep into meditation is distracting to say the least! Having the owner get up and put the dogs away in the middle of the meditation only adds to the distractions.

It was a night I will never forget. I was touched in my heart and soul in amazing ways. It's nights like last night that make me know why I do what I do, and why I believe what I believe. The Mabon was definiately with us last night. New lights were being born. Hail the Mabon!

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