Saturday, December 5, 2009

Raven at my chamber door

...So to follow up the last post. I sat down to meditate thinking I would do a discursive meditation only, when I felt the pull of the spirit world. I have come to recognize this feeling. It's a bit hard to describe, but sort of like your gonna fall asleep, but in the direction of the pull. Well, I felt a pull to the underworld. How do I know, cause I was being pulled straight down that's how. I simply relaxed my "hold" on my body, letting my mind "slip" and awaaaaay I went straight down. There I was met with spirit raven who then became the Morrigan. We spoke. It seems she would like me to become her dedicant. It's quiet the honor, but she's not the god I want to dedicate too. I love to have a working relationship with her, but I need/want to work with the other shining ones as well. Now comes the question how to politely tell her this. She's not a goddess who takes "no" easily judging from the stories.

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