Monday, May 24, 2010

...and more

So now the pilot light on the water heater won't stay on. Parts have to be ordered. It was very nice of Lugh to let me know that a multitude of problems were coming down the road. It's much easier to not get frustrated with things when you are at least mentaly prepaired for them.
So in other spiritual news, I spent all day Saturday talking with my good friend Frater POS. I never seem to tire talking magick with him. His syestem is very different from mine, and yet at the same time accomplishes many of the same goals. I have talked to him about the idea of trying to invoke the god Lugh. I am still considering it. I have never invoked a god or goddess before. I have invoked animal spirits at times. It's some thing that comes very naturaly to me, invoking animal spirits that is. I learned to do it as a boy, running through the woods pretending to be this animal or that. Later, while playing sports or doing martial arts I Learned that I could invoke animal spirits to help me.
In the OBOD training I am at the point of starting to work with the element of water. There is a ritual I need to perform. I shall do this tonight or tomorrow.
Brighid's bright blessing upon you all.

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