Monday, May 24, 2010

Water water everywhere...

I have done the OBOD Bardic ritual of water. After entering the grove and doing the light body exercise, I looked into the bowl of water before me from the astral. I found myself drawn into it, pulled into the elemental world of water. I found myself in deep deep water. I could see the shimmering light of the sun above me, and deep deep blue nothingness beneath me. I was not alone though. I had the impression of schools of salmon, sharks, whales, and Undines. I hitched a ride on the back of a salmon and pulled along deep following in the direction of the undines. I got the impression of underwater cave like homes in a cliff face. Then I was taken to the surface and when I broke to the air I hand reached down and pulled me onto a boat. There was an old bearded druid and he had pulled me into a small skiff powered by a little prop. He laughed joyfully at his most recent "catch" and we puttered up a river to a lake. There he dumped me over the side and I sank slowly to the bottom of the lake. This caused me to feel some distress. As a child my parents had a cabin on a lake in Oregon. I had several bad experiences there that, had they gone worse could have ended with my death. The lake bottom was full of "seaweed" that was tall and felt very clingy. I hated to swim in the lake because you could always feel it brushing against your skin with its rubbery leaves and stems and I always thought it was going to pull me down and I would drown. Here I was sinking into the stuff. I tried to keep calm as I felt the panic build. Before it got to much, I found myself back in the sacred grove and from there back in my body. I completed the ritual asking for the depth and peace of the water. I used it to purify and cleanse myself and closed the ritual in the usual way. I have gained much to think about in this ritual, and plan to repeat it tomorrow. It seems obvious I have some water issues. I think tomorrow when I do this ritual, I will do it outdoors sitting at the sacred pond I built.

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