Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They came through in the end.

My readers will remember a while back when I wrote how I gave offerings to the holy kindred to aid me with a chemistry test. Heck my great grandfather McFarlin was a Pharmacist. Well on that test I scored badly and felt they didn't come through for some reason. Well, as fate would have it, I went into the final test with and 88.15% in the class. Adding together points I would have to score 180 out of 200 points on the final, which was 70 questions long, to get an A in the calss. Doing the math that means I could miss 5 questions total. Based off my past scores I thought this feet extreemly unlikely for me. Unlikely or not, I wanted that A and I was going to do all I could to get it. I sacrificed (by not going to meet with a druid grove and have a mini esteddford) and studied hard. I took the test and I felt the awen and the spirits helping me. Yesterday I got the results. Going online I went to the college web site and trying not to hope for to much I couldn't believe my eyes to see an "A" as my final grade in the class! I, and the spirits, had made it happen. This weekend I plan to give a special offering to them in gratitude for thier help. I will continue to strive hard to do Honor to my ancestors, my family, and my "tribe".

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