Thursday, May 13, 2010

...and so it goes and so will you too soon I supose.

Yesterday morning, at about 1l:45 we got the news, My loves grandfather passed through the Vail. The timing of the news was perfect as she was home for lunch when we got the call and I was able to be there. I could sense the hand of the holy kindred in it's timing. As expected she was distraught. I laid all my plans aside and I spent the rest of the day just being with her. I did not wax philosophic or spiritual. That was not place or need or reason to be there. I simply held her when she cried and cried with her, listened when she spoke, got her tissue, got her water. I did nothing to stop her bereavement. Others in her life took on the role of helpful spiritual guide. Sometimes we are just to close to the one in pain, to close to the pain itself to play that role. Wisdom I believe is knowing ones role and "playing" it to the best of ones ability. Because her grandfather was physically far away we were not able to help or to see the body. Because of my love's mother's philosophies there will be no grand funeral. Only a small memorial that we will not be able to attend due to distance, work, and funds. What ever extra money we have right now is tied up in paying off the wedding. I couldn't help but notice that the grandfather died on the dark moon exactly a month before our wedding, which he would not have been able to attend physically due to his ailing health. Now I know he'll be there in spirit. So to honor his passing we went to the market and gathered some of his favorite foods and we had a dinner in his honor, even setting a place, dish, and drink out for Grandfather. Some special items he had made were set near his plate and a candle lit. The dinner was filled with moments of silence, gentle laghter, and gentle tears. Then at night, I lit the fire in the offering cauldron and we placed his dinner into it while his favorite music quietly slid out of the ipod. Prayers were said by my b'loved imploring Hecate to guide him and take care of him. We were joined by the priestess and sister of my heart who will be leading our wedding. It was a heavy day and I finished it exhausted. The end result, my love woke up this morning and got on with life. I got on with making the flags for the hand fasting.

Cattle die, and kinsmen die.
Thyself eke soon wilt die;
but fair fame will fade never,
I ween, for him who wins it.

Cattle die, and kinsmen die.
Thyself eke soon wilt die;
one thing I wot, wilt wither never:
the doom over each one dead.

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