Sunday, May 16, 2010

Manifestation of the obvious

Today is a beautiful Sunday morning. I am at peace. However last friday I was not. Last Friday was no fun. Last Friday as I got into my jeep, after being told at the post office that the certified letter which contained the check that was the solution to my Arrears problem was no where to be found, failed to start. Now, I wasn't overly suprised by this, my jeep has been letting me know for some time that the starter was going bad. It's old. It's to be expected. I had even taken her in before to have it looked at, only to have it work just fine in front of the mechaniac. None of that seemed to matter though as I was trying with all my might to stay centered. Calling my Fiance` for help turned out to be poor timing as she was having her own difficulties with the computer at work at that moment. We ended up taking our frustrations out on each other. However we are both spiritual people and we quickly found our centers, made up, and she came to see if we could jump my jeep. Sadly, no. An hour later she was back at work, and I was watching the tow truck expertly place my jeep in the parking spot at the mechanics. $480.00 later that was to go toward wedding expenses, but now never would, my jeep was up and runnng better then it had in months. I love my Jeep. We have been through some Narly shit together. She has break away mirrors and they work. So what does any of this have to do with being a druid? Well, everything. I am on this spiritual path not to simply learn magick and become "powerful". I am on this path to better myself as a person. I am a Bard in OBOD. all the time, not just eight times a year or when I feel like it. How I handle these small mundane challenges to me difines my progression more then anything else. I can see I still have work to do.
I have been busy with wedding preperations the last few days and haven't made time to do my meditations like I should. Today I got back to it, and how good does that feel! So much better. Sitting at the edge of the pond and water fall that I built giving offerings of insence and herbs to the holy kindred and meditating is magick unto itself.

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