Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Water witch

Water is the theme for the week that's for sure. I am on day 3 of no hot water in the house, and my beloved Water witch is up in arms over the oil leak in the gulf. I mean I myself am concerned and upset by it, but my beloved witch is pissed. She has magick is going to weild it this night. I and many others will be there as well. I have never seen her so stirred up. She has been having dreams and messages from her goddess about the issue. I never know exactly what she's going to do in her magicks. she doesn't work off a script in any way shape or form. She works intuitivly. I have seen her perform some amazing magicks this way and can put a spell together in just a few minuets. I on the other hand take my time, looking through books, and carefully planning. I have been known to take a day or more to put a spell together. That being said I have noticed as I have more practice doing magick and finding out what works for me it takes me less time to put things together. Of all the elements I would say water is the most difficult one for me to really "jive" with. I see this reflected in my life in many ways. Mostly in a slight disdain I feel toward it. I am not afraid of it, but I don't care to say..go swimming, or get in a hottub. I'd rather go camping in the woods then go to the beach (even though I really enjoy time at the beach). I can't remember the last time I was in a bath instead of a shower. As a child though, I spent a lot of time swimming and snorkling in the river behind my home. I spear fished and collected cans. I floated the river more times then I can count. Perhaps as I have grown older I have lost that comfort with water I once had. Perhaps I just have more responsabilities. I have done the water ritual twice now, both times with similar results. I get "drawn" into the water and have images of water spirits, though they never talk to me. I'll keep working at it though. I know I need to be more like water in many ways. I'd like to be more like my b'loved water witch, and be able to work from intuition in weaving magick. To help with this goal I have placed the water dragon card from the Druid animal oricle on my alter. I have placed a lovely image of the lady of the lake on my desk top. So off I go to once again scry elemental water.

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